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The BIG [travel] DATA: powerful tools for corporate travel program effectiveness

Have you ever wondered how BIG the BIG DATA actually is? 

How big is 40 ZETTABYTES, which according to IDC research (sponsored by EMC) is the projected amount of data being created, replicated and consumed in the world by year 2020?

What exactly is the BIG [travel] data about?

Why should you care about all the types of travel data including Management Information, Behavioral Information, Security Information, Traveler Information and Benchmarking Information and how you can get started with all these stuff?

How can you leverage travel related data in all three areas:

  • as a matter SERVICE  and duty of care towards your travelers (travel content, security warnings and alerts)
  • as a tool for pricing negotiations to generate SAVINGS for your company (management information, metrics and KPIs)
  • and as a means of CONTROL (for setting up a right benchmark/target and tracking how you perform against it)?

You can start benefiting from big travel data already now! It is as simple as a CLICK!

The answers to the above questions and more in the attached presentation on travel data management which was originally aired on American Chamber of Commerce Travel Club event on May 23rd, 2013.

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