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10.01.2017 Changes in railway ticketing desk operation on 11.01.2017

Let us inform you that on Wednesday 11.01.2017 due to technical reasons beyond our control (technical training of the cashier), railway ticketing desk at Obriy Inc. office will start operating from 13:00. All of your requests will be processed in First-in-First-out queuing order. This change only affects paper ticketing service. Read more

25.03.2016 .

. ( ) , 28.04.2016 .. 11:00 . : 03035, . , . , 7, 1. Read more

10.02.2014 Boryspil: extended security measures on liquids carriage for passengers traveling to Russia

As communicated on Boryspil airport website, in accordance with the telegramme of the State Aviation Authority of Ukraine with reference to the information received from the State Aviation Authority of the Russian Federation on application of enforced security measures on the aviation transport of the Russian Federation, starting from February 6, 2014 temporary limitations for carriage of liquids on the planes flying to the Russian airports shall be applied in Ukrainian airports including Boryspil Airport. Read more

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